Move Management Services from Avail Move Management Comply with Your Policy and Satisfy Your Transferee.

Look to Avail as your single point of contact for expertly coordinating the multiple elements of successful move management. What exactly does move management entail? And why should your company engage Avail to oversee your needs? Our primary job is determining who among the many household goods carriers are the most qualified to entrust with your transferees' moves. Who delivers as promised? Who'll handle your employees' items with the most care? Which agents perform employee background checks before hiring crew members? Who has the best record for the fewest claims? Who has the highest satisfaction rating among employee transferees? Avail knows.

We have the documentation and experience to determine which van lines and agents are right for your moves - we're the only move management source partnering with a respected leader who's been in the moving business since 1948. Our clients include corporations, the government and military - worldwide.

The more moves your organization requires every year, the more benefit Avail Move Management can bring to your household goods moving process. We schedule everyone and everything per your policies and per your carrier distribution direction, making sure all involved stay on schedule, while we consistently deliver cost savings, audits, reports, and steadfastly oversee our multiple, seasoned and, at times tough-minded suppliers. We keep you informed every step of the move, and scrutinize every supplier invoice before submission for payment - our audits ensure invoices comply with your policy, estimate and contract.

In addition to the household goods carrier relationships you may have with several suppliers, we work with a large number of carriers domestically and internationally, including all the major van lines and several niche suppliers. Most important in all these relationships, however, is that we answer to you. Our job is to negotiate with them, strictly audit their numbers and constantly report on their performance. Expect reports in real-time, online, time-after-time. Depending on how you wish to work, we can assure that only the most responsive, responsible sources serve you through Avail. Or, we can provide the reporting to you that allows you to make those determinations. The objective, of course, is the most efficient household goods transportation procurement with the highest level of service for your transferees.

Avail Move Management Consulting and Services:

For Corporate, Government and Military Customers


  • Contracts:

    Determining Which Household Goods Carrier Earns Your Move.

  • Coordinating & Negotiating with Multiple Suppliers
  • Renegotiation of Contracts at Renewal Period


  • Policy Consulting:

    Our Industry View Gives Us Insight Into Carrier Benchmarking.

  • Onboarding, Initiating a Program:

    Implementing Your Policy.

  • Sourcing the Best Suppliers for Your Organization
  • Onboarding New or Existing Suppliers to A New Program or Policy


  • Dispatching, Distributing the Moves:

    Per Your Direction and Policy.

  • Placing the Moves Based on Best Supplier Fit
  • Placing the Moves Per Your Desired Distribution Percentages


  • Auditing and Reporting:

    Advanced, Proprietary Systems track, rate and report - continuously.

  • Audit the Estimate vs. the Policy Before Acceptance
  • Audit the Invoice vs. the Contract Before Submitting for Payment
  • Period Audits and Reporting to Compare Suppliers vs Contract, Policy and Estimate
  • Customized Reporting, On-Demand Reporting
  • Post-Move Survey Program for Relocatees


  • Rating and Distribution:

    Assess the Move Per the Contract and Distribute the Compensation.

  • Determine Payments and Commissions to All Providers


  • Exception Management:

    Handling the Diversity of Transferee Needs Before the Move

  • The Conduit Between the Transferee, You and All Providers


  • Claims Management:

    Handling the Resolution of Delay, Damage or Loss with All Providers

  • The Conduit Between the Transferee and All Providers


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